Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ☆ Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ↠ Laszlo Polgar - Chess in 5333 + 1 positions, Chess in positions

  • Title: Chess in 5333 + 1 positions
  • Author: Laszlo Polgar
  • ISBN: 3895080942
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Ebook

Chess in 5333 + 1 positions

☆ Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ↠ Laszlo Polgar, Chess in 5333 + 1 positions, Laszlo Polgar, Chess in positions ☆ Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ↠ Laszlo Polgar. ☆ Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ↠ Laszlo Polgar - Chess in 5333 + 1 positions, Chess in positions

  • ☆ Chess in 5333 + 1 positions ↠ Laszlo Polgar
    263Laszlo Polgar
Chess in 5333 + 1 positions
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  1. This book is perfect It gives you a good training on mating patterns This edition is very good It is a great book.

  2. Buenos problemas de t ctica, motivos variados e instructivos Tras varios a os sin jugar he decidido empezar con este libro para desempolvar los conocimientos de t ctica y la verdad que cumple su cometido.Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo que quiera un libro de t ctica sin m s pretensi n.

  3. Este libro es un compendio de problemas de ajedrez Usado con frecuencia creo que puede mejorar la habilidad del lector De lo que estoy seguro es de que proporcionar al menos muchas horas de entretenimiento.

  4. When I was learning to play jazz guitar I struggled for years to figure out how to play at really fast tempos until I learned the secret of memorizing 3 and 4 note motives that I had so well memorized that I could play them with out thinking Think of this book as 5334 chess motives These are the guitar licks of chess Play them over and over and over until you don t even have to think when you see them They become automatic Then when your clock is ticking you won t miss that 3 move checkmate that [...]

  5. Great book It will keep any chess player occupied for a long time The problems start from mate in one with endgame scenarios up to mate in three The combinations section afterward is very good as well I must warn once you get pass the introduction there is nothing but problems no words or annotations just at the top of the page it will say white or black mate in scenario 1 3 I m new to chess but fell in love with the game I got the book for Christmas this year and I m already of problem 1102 I t [...]

  6. I bought kindle version I read it through kindle cloud reader in web browser, ipad and iphone It is quite good The format is one puzzle per page The image can be magnified to whole page and easy to read.The answers of puzzle are located on appendix There is a link in each puzzle in which link to the answer There is also a link in answer page to go back to original puzzle page It is convenience to check answer.The mate in 1 puzzles are easy but mate in 2 or 3 are difficult It is a good training [...]

  7. The claim by so many chess writers that the best way to improve your game is by playing is sheer nonsense I played a lot and lost continually in early high school without improving one bit This is because I didn t know what the difference was between a good move and a bad one Also, I had no idea why my oponents made the moves they did Playing didn t make me better it just made me give up the game until now I m 61 and have just discovered how to improve my game and thereby actually enjoy playing [...]

  8. Sharpen your chess and general concentration skills with this massive collection of chess problems.I thought I would fly through this rather quickly but years away from the chess board have taken their toll.This is a great resource for me to get back in the saddle.