Tis: A Memoir ✓ Tis: A Memoir ✓ Frank McCourt - Tis: A Memoir, Tis A Memoir

  • Title: Tis: A Memoir
  • Author: Frank McCourt
  • ISBN: 0684845245
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Ebook

Tis: A Memoir

✓ Tis: A Memoir ✓ Frank McCourt, Tis: A Memoir, Frank McCourt, Tis A Memoir ✓ Tis: A Memoir ✓ Frank McCourt. ✓ Tis: A Memoir ✓ Frank McCourt - Tis: A Memoir, Tis A Memoir

  • ✓ Tis: A Memoir ✓ Frank McCourt
    209Frank McCourt
Tis: A Memoir
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  1. el libro es la continuaci n de las cenizas de Angela escrit con un humor delicado que toca el coraz n el autor tiene un don de contar el dia dia con un encanto y originalidad.un libro incre ble para mmi uno de los mejores

  2. Frank McCourt does tell the story of his life once arriving to America, but it was not as well written as his first book, Angela s Ashes While his life was difficult and interesting, he loses a little bit of the details to different events that he shared in first book that made it so interesting to read He also was not as fluid with his transitions from one event to the next as he was in the first book He is very honest and shares his own faults, jealously, and desires so I still felt pulled in [...]

  3. An excellent reminder of the hardships encountered by our parents and grandparents who came to America in search of a better life.

  4. This was such a wonderful honest book I felt like I was listening to an old man I just met at a coffee shop He tells you the story of his life in such a wonderful way I cannot imagine the things that he grew up with I find his honest revelry regarding his own struggles with alcohol heartbreaking He did what he knew He spoke of alcohol being the curse of the Irish, that his father ruined his childhood because of drinking and yet he himself couldn t control it One thing that stuck out was his stru [...]

  5. Poignant, intense, exciting, gut wrenching yet heart warming are the scenes, actions and memories described in this continuation of an indepth look at the the trials, tribulations and successes of Frank Mc Court and his family As you read it, you are there in New York, in Ireland, at Mam s almost reunion with Frank s father, in the army with Frank in Europe, in church, in the boarding house which provided meager temporary shelter, in the countless dull mind numbing jobs he had before becoming a [...]

  6. I got this CD set to listen to at work I had already listened to Angela s Ashes Now, I am listening to Teacher Man Frank McCourt is hands down my favorite writer He is such an inspiration He is one person I really would like to have met If you wanted to just reach back in time, find little Frank and give him a hug during Angela s Ashes , you might not feel exactly the same about adult Frank He is no longer directly in the grip of his mother s poverty once in America His mentality is still in the [...]